The Find Your Comic Book Story

Comics are often considered as something nerdy, or even weird, but the truth is, that they are beautiful forms of art. Comics have the power to tell a story without any words, just with precise imagery; and the good thing is that there are comics for everyone: fancy some japanese art?, manga is there for you; love watching people in hard situations?, no problem, there is a comic for that.

Find Your Comic book is one of many websites produced by Magnesium W.D., a Spanish web development agency responsible for websites such as How Many Days?. Magnesium W.D. also belongs to the Magnesium Group, that focuses on program development, machine learning and other computer/programming related things.

Why comics?

Not all members of Magnesium W.D. are comic lovers, but we thought that it would be a great idea making a website that could, in theory, mimic recommendation algorithms that could output a personalized comic recommendation out of our database with all the info. necessary (i.e. Name, Publisher, a link for buying the comic...).

In the future we wish to provide a service where you can advertise you comics.